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Show Review List

In order to show the review list you need to add the below code to your page.
This code can be used to show the review list in areas such as product list page, product detail page etc.

Code required to show review list for individual product:
<div class="review-container" data-pid="PRODUCT_ID" data-action="widget"></div>

Code required to show review list for grouped products:
<div class="review-container" data-pid="PRODUCT_ID" data-group="true" data-action="widget"></div>

Code require to show review list as a dedicated page:
<div class="review-container" data-action="dedicated-widget"></div>

You can also use these perimeters:
【data-review-count】➡ Number of reviews to show (number)
【data-sort】➡ Order to sort reviews (date,rate,like,buyer,picture)
【data-sort-order】➡ Order to sort reviews (asc,desc)
【data-review-type】➡ Type of reviews to show (site,product)
【data-filter-expand】➡ Expand custom question filters by default (true,false)

Example code with some of the perimeters listed above:
<div class="review-container" data-action="dedicated-widget" data-review-count="3" data-sort="date" data-sort-order="desc" data-review-type="site"></div>

"PRODUCT_ID" should be the ID of the product
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